Brickwood Reserve

50 hectares of national environmental significance. 

Eastern banksia attenuata and Eucalyptus marginata woodlands.

The reserve is part of the South-West Botanical Province, which has been recognised as the home of one of the richest floras in the world.  Not only does the area boast a high diversity of species, many of these plants are found nowhere else in the world.

The importance of the vegetation of Brickwood Reserve to the national conservation estate has been recognised by both the Australian Heritage Commission and the National Trust of Australia.  The Brickwood Bushland was placed on the National Trust’s Register of Heritage Places in 1994 and entered into the Register of the National Estate in 1998.

There are five priority flora species listed for Brickwood Reserve.  These are plant species that are under consideration for declaration as ‘rare flora’ or whose status is uncertain.

Eucalyptus lane poolei – one of the few patches on the Swan coastal plain.

Jacksonia, verticordia, isopogon, Drosera.

Significant fauna are the Quenda and the Painted Button Quail.   The area is also frequented by black cockatoos which are either threatened or endangered.


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