Serpentine Jarrahdale Library Friends Inc

“The SJ Library Friends celebrated another wonderful year by holding a Sausage Sizzle in the Mundijong Community Heritage Church garden.  The event was a great success, with Allen Smith volunteering his magic talents to entertain the members with help from his beautiful young assistant, Mary-Jane.

The weather on the day was rainy and miserable so it was decided to set up the food in the Church. However, just as the food was being prepared the sun came out and provided members with time to spend in the delightful garden setting.  Over 40 of the 70 members attended and enjoyed a wonderful meal provided by the Committee.

Our best wishes for 2015 and hope to see lots of you at Friends events!"



Serpentine Jarrahdale Library Friends Inc.


The Serpentine Jarrahdale Library Friends is an independent group of

volunteers who provide support and help promote the Serpentine Jarrahdale

Library Service and its role in the community.


• To raise awareness of the library service within the community

• To encourage members of the community to make full use of the library



• To increase the membership of the Friends

• To increase the membership of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Library


• To support and promote the development of a quality library service

• To assist the library in the provision of resources, services and facilities

for the benefit of the Serpentine Jarrahdale community.


Contact via:- Mundijong Public Library on 9526 1133 or

OR The President, Janette Skillington on 0432 873 327 or



Volunteers can contribute their help at the Friends monthly second hand book sales, held at the Library on 1st Friday morning of each month between 9.30am and 12 noon.

Help from members would also be appreciated on the Library Friends stall at the SJ Community Fair to be held in August.

We encourage members to volunteer their help with the variety of events organised by the Library.

Anyone wishing to volunteer their skills at any of these events are asked to contact either the Mundijong Library or the President of the SJ Library Friends, Jan Skillington.


There are the following types of Membership and subscriptions –

Individual             $5.00 per year

Persons sixteen (16) years and over may be eligible for membership as

individual members. Where a vote is required each member shall have

one vote.

NFP Group or Family               $10.00 per year

A not for profit group, family or any number of persons in one

residence. Where a vote is required the family or group shall have one


Corporate                        $20.00 per year

Those institutions, companies, bodies or groups of persons who wish

to associate themselves with the Friends and/or be sponsors of special

projects with funds. Where a vote is required the group shall have one


Honorary Life

Upon the recommendation of the Committee to the Annual General

Meeting the Friends may elect any member of the classes (a) or (b) as

an Honorary Life member who, in the opinion of the Friends, has

rendered outstanding service to the Friends in furthering the aims and

objectives of the Friends. Such election shall be by a simple majority

vote of members present. Honorary Life members shall pay no annual

fees whilst still being entitled to all the privileges of an individual

member and shall hold the honour during his / her lifetime.

Membership is renewable in September each year, at or following the Annual General Meeting.













Contact Information

Phone:Mundijong Library 08 9526 1133

Mobile:Janette 0432 873 327

Address:10 Paterson Street, Mundijong, 6123

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