Four Seasons Patisserie (Byford Bakery)

Four Seasons Patisserie in Byford (commonly called by Byford Bakery) is the family business operating since 2008.

Joining in the new industry with no experience and no knowledge at all, the owner, our main baker, Andy Le with all his passion, dedication and hard works has continuously brought many prizes on pies and pastry to the Bakery. He is truely one of the caretaker of an Aussie icon and looking after Aussie's heritage. He changed our Bakery from unknown to well known bakery in the industry and becomes more and more popular in the South. 

Understanding Byfordians' needs on the affordable take-out/walk-in dinners, since 8/2015 we decide to take the new adventure to extend our trading hours to serve home-made meals with high quality of services.


Contact Information

Phone: 08 9525 1877

Address: 7/837 South West Highway, Byford, 6122

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