SJ Farm Grown Firewood

SJ Farm Grown Firewood is a local business in Serpentine, WA. We are a full member of the Firewood Association of Australia Inc (Member No. 063)

We grow a selection of Eastern States species of Australian Eucalypts for our timber products, including   firewood, posts, poles and even flagpoles.

We harvest all of our timber from 15 year-old trees, planted and grown on our farming properties in Serpentine, Western Australia.

After harvesting our trees, those destined for firewood are cut into 4-metre logs, carted to a landing, and processed with a “JOY 400” Typhoon Technologies Firewood Processor. This machine cuts the logs into suitable length blocks for firewood, which are then split into either four, six or eight pieces.

Our firewood is dry (less than 20% moisture content), split and ready to burn.

Delivery within 30 km of base is included with each Ute load of firewood, which is approx 2 m3.  

We are the WA agent for Typhoon Firewood Processing Equipment.


Contact Information

Mobile: Neil Kentish – 0419 843 937


Address: 31 Utley Road, 6125

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